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About Us

OC Sunny is a family owned and operated renewable energy project developer Integrator with focus on solar PV affordability through design , execution and deployment. OCS, identifies, develops and finances viable renewable energy projects. with ability to offset the higher initial capital costs that is associated with renewable generation by taking advantage of government tariffs and incentives and by 
strategically aligning itself with key investment banks and financial partners utilizing sophisticated financing structures to raise the capital required to develop a project. OCS also offers wide rang of PV solutions including varies types of grid connected, off
grid, and hybrid PV systems
RESIDENTIAL | OC Sunny is committed to providing
affordable energy through renewable sources with focus on solar pv to
all sizes of homes and needs rendering the dependence on local
utilities as option, not necessity. providing options that include off grid,
grid tied, battery back and hybrid solutions. 

COMMERCIAL | OC Sunny offers a wide range of commercial, design, engineering, construction and maintenance PV services with a clear advantage in affordability having the expertise and proper licenses for solar and general construction. Advantage that extends to providing financial solutions to different project types including ground mounts, solarports, pole mount and all types of building structures.

DESIGN & ENGINEERING | OC Sunny is a full service renewable energy design & Consulting firm that brings togather the diverse expertize to develope construct and maintain solar PV power, and renewable energy projects for corporate and institutional clients over the US and by providing feasibility studies, production projections based on particular location and and site conditions. Utilizing cutting edge industy tools to meet sustainability goals.
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